Where do I Begin – Cutting Through the Clutter

While I have been posting in blogs for the past several years, WordPress informs me that this is my first post.  As a marketing and public relations executive, all I have to sell is my experience, observations and recommendations.  The rewards of my trade come in the form of ROI, web stats and press clippings. 

Whether you’re marketing ball bearings or web widgets, the goal of the marketer is to drive interest, buzz and ultimately sales.  It has been said that everyone is selling something.  While that implies an imperative motive for individuals, I think the truer saying is Every Company is Selling Something.  Those that don’t are called “out of business.”

As captain of the marketing ship, the first step is to identify your intended audience.  Without know who the consumer is, where they live and what they read, watch, eat, you might as well not get to second base. 

Secondly, marketers need to develop a plan to reach them where they live.  There’s no such thing as a template plan, believe me I’ve tried.  Every market has its own influencers.  Shake the head and the body will follow.

And finally, you need a compelling pitch to make your voice heard above the rest.  My former boss and mentor Bob Dorf (no relation to Tim Conway’s affable Dorf on Golf character) calls it Cutting Through the Clutter.  Shouting at the top of your lungs doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be heard above the noise – has anyone you’ve known actually purchased Heads On, apply directly to the forehead?


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